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Why We Made These Courses?

Over the past 15 years I've ended up taking over other people's Web Design projects, with unhappy clients feeling let down by their previous web developer. The websites may look well on the front end, typically they use a multipurpose or free theme and have been built poorly.

If your fairly new to WordPress and feel your websites are technically built poorly, don't feel to bad. Even some of the bigger agencies I've taken over have been built following really bad practices.

Building a website correctly will be far better in the long term for maintenance, speed, security and SEO. I'm willing to share the pro tech, tips, techniques and methods I've learned through trial and error to help you build better websites.

Online Course

Step-by-step online videos with full narration of what I'm doing on screen. See in real time how to build several professional websites with advanced functionality. Mark your lessons complete to easily continue from your last point. Quiz questions to help ensure you fully understand and learn why we do things in the correct way.


Access To Private Group

Stuck with a problem, or have a question about what your learning? Reach out to me and other students who are learning to improve their skills to help make better websites.

Full access to all future content.